Why work with us?

We get it. There’s a negative stigma attached to the recruitment market. That’s why we’re here to shake things up.

A lot of recruitment companies out there talk a lot of BS. We’re doing things differently.

Kloud Partners is based on 3 principles;
1. Sourcing highly-sought after talent which will skyrocket your business
2. Valuing your time by only selecting the best of the best
3. No BS, transparent and upfront approach. Every. Single. Time.

Your time is precious. We’re not going to waste it by offering up underqualified, ill-fitting candidates simply so we can collect a paycheck. That’s not how we do things at Kloud Partners. If we don’t think we can fill a role, we’re upfront and we’ll tell you why. We want the best for your company and we won’t accept any less.

Other recruitment companies are trying to fill a quota, Kloud Partners is trying to create a team. We get to know what makes your business ‘tick’. It’s our aim to create teams within a company that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It’s not just about hiring an employee, it’s about helping a company propel itself into the future by providing them with talent that’s up for the challenge.

So how is Kloud Partners doing things differently?
We focus solely on the passive recruitment pool with 98.66% of our placements originating from passive recruitment.

Why passive recruitment?
Better talent. Better fit. Better results. Kloud Partners makes recruitment simpler for all parties. We’re committed to improving businesses and finding the perfect fit for your company.
How we recruit


An in-depth analysis of the position spec ensures we gather all of the requirements with a results-orientated focus, which effectively helps us sell the company to candidates.
Building a plan and a market map on where the best candidates will be with a plan on how to attract them, with building a detailed insight into our clients and why it’s a great business to join.



Firstly we always do a brand new search for every role tailored to your needs, secondly we will then goto our database to see if we can find potential, A-Graders and then we will speak to our network, speaking to an average of 50-60 candidates per role, shortlisted down to 5 profiles who are at least a 90% fit of what you asked for.
We focus purely on the passive candidate pool, we aim to bring you the talent you are not getting from your internal resources and job ads.



Complete and honest feedback coupled with tailored advice during the entire interview process thus ensuring a smooth and seamless hiring transition.
Consultation and negotiation of all elements surrounding an employment offer “Hands-on” involvement to ensure that the candidate identified gets hired and stays hired.



Roles and industries we specialise in


  • Account Exec (SMB, Mid Market & Enterprise)
  • Account Director
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Inside Sales


  • Sales Engineer
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Solutions Architect

Customer Success

  • Account Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Renewal Manager


  • SVP Of Sales
  • VP Of Sales
  • Head Of Sales
  • Sales Director
  • Managing Director
  • Country Manager
  • General Manager
  • VP Of Pre-Sales
Where we recruit in

Help growing software companies scale quickily

Above all else, we at Kloud Partners want to see our clients grow. We believe that there is untold potential in the tech sector across the APAC region, and to support that potential, we are constantly seeking out up-and-coming as well as proven talent, connecting them with the organisations with which they will thrive.

We specialise ourselves in recruiting in Australia, Singapore & Hong Kong. 


We aren't making this up